Veg Boxes






Phantassie Boxes

Standard Vegbox  £13.50

Yes you do get some staples and you also get variety. We try to partner veg for cooking or add appropriate seasonings, you always get something to eat raw and nearly always some fresh green leaf. Usually includes 1kg potatoes, 600g carrots and 400g onions plus salad veg and a selection of seasonal cooking veg.

No Potatoes with Fruit £16.50

As above, but without potatoes, and with a portion of fruit. Good also for big tattie eaters who keep a sack in the house.

Medium Vegbox  £17.50

All UK produce for most of the year and offers fantastic value.  Larger amounts and greater variety of veg.

Large  Vegbox  £22.50

Offers the best of the week in family size amounts. Should cover all the bases.

Basics Box  £9.00, add in a fruit bag to avoid a delivery charge

All the basics:  potatoes, carrots, parsnips or beetroot, swede, some cabbage or other brassica, onions and leeks.  Two options only:  sub potatoes with mushrooms, and one other opt out.


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Fruit, Eggs and other boxes

We source our fruit from the organic wholesale market. Portions offer a variety from apples, pears, kiwis, oranges (with other citrus fruits), and Fair Trade bananas.  Soft fruit (including our own), is available during the summer months or please ask for the price of your preferred fruit.

Fruit is available in a base unit of £4.50 for apples, bananas, oranges and kiwis, then £7.50 Medium to include seasonal extras and so on. See Order form for more details.

Eggs come from a partner Certified Organic farm in Midlothian:

1/2 dozen Medium £2.10,  1/2 dozen Large £2.35

Citrus box; £10.00

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Salad Box; £7.50salad box £4.90 uk landscape b 2016-09-16 11.39.31-2


Selection of fruits available for Tropical box NEW box Tropical Box Selection of Fruits May 19


Fruit bag LARGE; £12.00


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eggs medium 73 kb 380 x 285

Scottish Organic Free Range Eggs

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