Phantassie Organic Veg Boxes

  • Basics Vegbox -  £10.00  Potatoes, Carrots, Onions + 4 or 5 other items. Add in a fruit bag for free delivery.
  • Small Vegbox -  £13.50    Staples mixed with variety. We try to partner veg for cooking or add appropriate seasonings, you always get something to eat raw and nearly always fresh green leaf. Includes potatoes, carrots & onions plus a selection of seasonal cooking veg.
  • Small Veg box (No Potatoes) plus Fruit - £16.50   As above, but without potatoes, and with a portion of fruit @ £4.50 (a selection from apples, bananas and oranges). Good also for big tattie eaters who keep a sack in the house. Just ask!
  • Medium Vegbox  - £17.50  Preference for UK produce whenever possible and offers fantastic value. 
  • Large Vegbox  - £22.50   Offers the best variety of the week. Should cover all the Veg bases.
  • Value Phantassie box - £31.50   Large Veg box + Medium Fruit bag + 6 Organic eggs.
  • Juice Box - £17.50 for Green Juice

Organic Extras available to add to your regular Box order


We source our fruit from the organic wholesale market. In the summer months soft fruit options are available (including our own).

  • Small Fruit bag - £4.50  - for a seasonal selection from Apples, fair trade Bananas, Oranges, Kiwis or Pears, depending on availability.
  • Medium Fruit bag - £7.50 - as small + seasonal extras
  • Large Fruit bag - £12 - as Medium + tropical extras
  • Citrus Box - £7.50 - for a seasonal selection of Citrus fruit
  • Tropical Fruit box - £10 - for a seasonal selection of Tropical Fruit
  • Apples & Pears - £6.50 for 1.5kg mix 
  • Stone Fruit medley - £6.50 - for a seasonal selection of Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots & Cherries

Eggs come from a partner Certified Organic farm in Midlothian: 1/2 dozen Medium £2.25,  1/2 dozen Large £2.45

Mungoswells Organic Flour from East Lothian: 1.5 kg Bags - Strong White Bread & Plain

    • Salad Box - £7.50 - a selection of Salad items always including leaf
    • Large Salad Box - £17.50 - larger portion sizes and variety
    • Mediterranean box - £7.50 - a selection from Aubergines, Courgettes, Peppers, Cooking tomatoes & Herbs. Good for Roasting or Ratatouille
    • Famly Mediterranean box - £17.50 - larger portion sizes and variety
    • Tomato medleys (UK IOW) - £5.00 mix of Isle of Wight Tomatoes
    • Cook's Seasoning bag - £4.00 - Garlic, Ginger, Chilli, Lime & Lemon

Phantassie News for June

All the produce we hope for in May has been a long time coming and this year’s weather has shortened the season for both Jersey Royals and Asparagus .  As before, we offer these as Veg Box EXTRAS which you can have as a one-off or every week whilst they’re in season. Please read our Vegnote below and email in with your choices.

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COLLECTION POINTS - as an alternative to home delivery.

  • BASIL Saturday shop Located left of Bostock Bakery on Dunbar Rd Saturdays 10am - 1pm  EAST LINTON   EH40 3DE      
  • NeighbourFood @ Leith Market Dock Place
  • Saturdays 10am - Noon  EDINBURGH  EH6 6LU 
  • NeighbourFood LEITH
  • Choose LEITH Market & search Phantassie Food